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Adult Soccer

Soccer is For Grown-Ups Too

You’re never too old to join a soccer league and engage in some healthy, competitive activity. Our adult soccer leagues are aimed at players of all ability levels, and we offer clinics where you can brush up on your skills. We even have scheduled drop-in sessions that let you stop by and get in some practice!

Teams Needed

We are currently looking for teams to immediately fill spots in the following leagues:

  • Monday -  FUTSAL (Men's): League Forming Now
  • Monday - Coed 4v4: 4 spots available
  • Monday - Women's Open: 3 spots available
  • Tuesday - Men's Open: 4 spots available
  • Tuesday - Coed 4v4: 5 spots available 
  • Wednesday - Coed Open: 2 spots available 
The session has already stated? No worries! If we can get you added during the session, we pro-rate the league fee for the games that your team has missed!

Register your team by going here for information.


new league management software!

The Rocklin Sports Complex will be switching over to a new payment/scheduling platform effective 9/27/19. This will mean that all leagues starting on, or after that date, will no longer be using Eventbrite to pay. We are also reverting back to payments being per a team, and not a player. Teams will, however, not be able to have guest players (free subs) until their full team fee has been paid. Teams will have until PRIOR to the 3rd week of the session to be paid in full. League fees will be $425/session for leagues on the Bantam Field, while the Premier Field leagues will be $825/team.

League Session Information

Division / Day
Field # of Players on Field (incl. Keeper)  Fee Per Full Time Player* Sub Fee* Current Session Start Current Session End Interval Next
Session Starts
 Next Session Ends
Coed 30+ (Sun) Premier 7v7  $825/TEAM  **Free (once team is paid in full), otherwise, $10/player  12/8/19 3/15/20 12 Weeks
Coed 4v4 (Mon) Bantam 5v5  $425/TEAM
**Free (once team is paid in full), otherwise, $10/player
12/2/19 2/24/20 10 Weeks
Women's Open (Mon) Premier 7v7  $825/TEAM   **Free (once team is paid in full), otherwise, $10/player 11/4/19 2/3/20  12 Weeks 3/9/20 6/1/20
Coed 4v4 (Tue) Bantam 5v5  $425/TEAM
**Free (once team is paid in full), otherwise, $10/player 
12/3/19 2/10/20  10 Weeks 2/25/20 4/28/20
Men's Open (Tue) Premier 6v6  $825/TEAM **Free (once team is paid in full), otherwise, $10/player
11/19/19 2/11/20 12 Weeks 2/25/20 5/12/20
Coed Open (Wed) Premier 7v7  $825/TEAM  **Free (once team is paid in full), otherwise, $10/player 10/9/19 1/15/20 12 Weeks 1/29/20 4/15/20 
Men's 40+ (Thu)
5v5  $425/TEAM **Free (once team is paid in full), otherwise, $10/player  10/17/19 1/16/20 10 Weeks
1/23/19 3/26/20
Men's 30+ (Thu) Premier 6v6  $825/TEAM  **Free (once team is paid in full),otherwise &10/player   11/7/19 2/13/20  12 Weeks 2/27/20 5/21/20
Coed 4v4 (Fri) Bantam 5v5  $425/TEAM  **Free (once team is paid in full), otherwise, $10/player  9/2719 12/6/19 10 Weeks 12/20/19 3/13/20
Coed 30+ (Fri) Premier 7v7  $65/Player  $8/Game    9/20/19   12/13/19 12 Weeks 1/10/20 4/3/20
* Payments via Evenbrite are subject to service fees.
** $10 Fee only good for the first two weeks.

  • Players MUST be registered via Eventbrite prior to playing. Subs must pay EACH WEEK they sub for a team.
  • All players must be 18 years of age or older in Coed 4v4 Leagues, as well as Open Leagues
  • Dates are subject to change


Having problems with logging into Eventbrite?

Once is team has been confirmed as being accepted into our league, each player must register/pay via Eventbrite (we will furnish team managers with a link). If a player is having problems with logging into Eventbrite, and needs to reset their password, they can click here to get it reset.

Tie-Breaker & Playoff Seeding Rules

Soccer Tie-Breaker System:
Once the regular season is complete, placing is determined with the following tie-breaking system:

  1. Points
  2. Head to Head results
  3. Goals against (G.A.) Head to Head
  4. Goals for (G.F.) Head to Head
  5. Goals against (G.A.) total
  6. Goals for (G.F.) total

*Seeding during the playoffs are based on results from the regular season only.
**Although the regular season winner of each group advances to the next highest group the following session, California Family Fitness reserves the right to "seed" teams if "foul play" such as "throwing games" is suspected

Any questions, feel free to contact Joe Klont, Sports Director at rsc@calfamfit.com or 916-625-9100.

Drop Ins: Soccer & Futsal

Drop-In Soccer

  • Every Wednesday on the Bantam Field  - check in at 730pm and starts at 800pm. Limited to the first 40 players.
  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the Bantam Field from 9am to 1030am.

We require that all players must be 16+ (Players under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a liability form, along with a copy of the parents ID, before participating in drop in soccer). You can find release of liability forms at the bottom of this page. Non-CFF members MUST bring a photo ID.

Drop-In Futsal
Every Thursday 9pm-11pm


All Drop-Ins are free for CFF Members / $10 for Non-Members

Official Rules


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