Adult Soccer Free Agent Lists

Free Agency Isn’t Just For the Pros


We know how tough it can be to find the right players for your team. And we realize it’s equally difficult to locate a team that will give you the competitive experience you’re looking for. That’s why we created the Free Agent List. Just like in professional sports, qualified players can make themselves available, and teams can search for key additions to their squads. Everyone wins, and you can focus on more important matters.

So sign up now and let’s get you connected. 

Please note that signing up on the Free Agent list does not necessarily ensure being added to a team. By submitting your information, you are sharing it with teams that are currently playing at our location and they will contact you if/when they are looking for a player to fill their roster.

how to register as a free agent

  1. Sign in on our League Management Platform (Dash). You can sign in/create an account via this link.
  2. Once you are signed in/created an account, click on "Registration."
  3. You will then click on your name
  4. Click on "Adult Soccer"
  5. Since you are trying to register as a "Free Agent", click on "Join a Team"
  6. At this point, click on the League that you are interested in getting in. You may submit a registration for as many leagues as you would like to be considered for.
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