4v4 A & B (Monday, Bantam)


As of Friday, September 27th, 2019, leagues that start on/after that date will be using the League Platform, Dash, to register, view their schedule, as well as pay. This means that every player will need to create a Dash account.

Teams participating in the Tuesday Night Coed 4v4 League can register via this link.

Team mangers can then start to invite their players. If you are having a difficult time doing this, please read the information on how invite players via list link.

We charge $425/team. Substitutes will be allowed to play for free, but only once a team has paid in full.  Once a player is registered, the manager has the ability to "charge" each player a specific amount. That player, in turn, will be responsible for that amount and will have to be paid in full prior to being eligible to play. Teams will have the first 2 weeks to pay the league fee. During that time, only players that have paid will be eligible to play. Subs will need to pay $10 during the first 2 weeks, or until a team pays in full (whichever comes first).

Schedule and Standings

Click here to see the League Standings


Group "A"

Group "B"
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