4v4 B (Tuesday, Bantam)

Division Standings

Team NamePlayedWinDrawLossPointsG.F.G.A.
Blue Crush
Straight Off The Couch
* (G.F.) Goals For / (G.A.) Goals Against *

Team Managers: Don't forget to "Create A Team" in Eventbrite so you and your teammates can register and pay for this session. Players not paid prior to the game will not get a wristband. In order to avoid delays, please have this done PRIOR to coming to the Sports Complex. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the new registration method.

division schedule

Time Home Team Guest Team H. Score G. Score
 Week 1  
06/25/2019 800pm Hooligans Straight Off The Couch
06/25/2019 850pm Blue Crush Sterling
Week 2
07/02/2019 620pm Blue Crush Hooligans
07/02/2019 710pm Sterling Straight Off The Couch
Week 3
07/09/2019 620pm Not Very Good (A) Blue Crush (B)         
07/09/2019 710pm Rag Tag (A) Sterling (B)
 07/09/2019 800pm  Not So Athletic (A)  Hooligans (B)     
07/09/2019 850pm  ISO Splitters (A)  Straight Off The Couch     
Week 4
07/16/2019 800pm Sterling Hooligans

07/16/2019 850pm Blue Crush Straight Off The Couch

Week 5
07/23/2019 620pm Not Very Good (A) Sterling (B)
07/23/2019 710pm Rag Tag (A) Blue Crush (B) 
07/23/2019 800pm Not So Athletic (A)  Straight Off The Couch 
 07/23/2019 850pm  ISO Splitters (A)  Hooligans (B)     
Week 6  
07/30/2019 620pm Straight Off The Couch Hooligans
07/30/2019 710pm Sterling Blue Crush         
Week 7
08/06/2019 620pm Not Very Good (A) Hooligans (B)     
08/06/2019 710pm Rag Tag (A) Straight Off The Couch      
08/06/2019 800pm Not So Athletic (A) Blue Crush (B)   
08/06/2019 850pm   ISO Splitters (A)  Sterling (B)    
Week 8
08/13/2019 800pm Straight Off The Couch Sterling     
08/13/2019 850pm Blue Crush Hooligans
Week 9  
08/20/2019 620pm Straight Off The Couch Blue Crush          
08/20/2019 710pm Hooligans Sterling
Week 10 FINALS
08/27/2019 800pm 1st Place 2nd Place
08/27/2019 850pm 3rd Place 4th Place

Division Standings

Team NamePlayedWinDrawLossPointsG.F.G.A.
Not Very Good1100310
Blue Crush11003164
Not So Athletic10010416
Slow & Steady Droped
* (G.F.) Goals For / (G.A.) Goals Against *

Division Schedule

Time Home Team Guest Team H. Score G. Score
Week 1
 04/09/2019   710pm Rag Tag (A)  Hooligans (B)  11 
04/09/2019   800pm Blue Crush  Not So Athletic 16
 04/09/2019    Not Very Good  Bye 
Week 2 League Schedule Changes Made After Week 1
04/16/2019 620pm Not So Athletic Not Very Good
04/16/2019 710pm Blue Crush Hooligans
04/16/2019   Sow & Steady Bye   
Week 3
04/23/2019 800pm Slow & Steady Not Very Good        
04/23/2019 850pm Not So Athletic Hooligans
04/23/2019   Blue Crush   Bye     
Week 4
04/30/2019 620pmpm Sow & Steady Not So Athletic

04/30/2019 710pmpm Blue  Crush          Not Very Good

 04/30/2019   Hooligans  Bye     
Week 5
05/07/2019 800pmpm Not Very Good Hooligans
05/07/2019 850pm Slow & Steady Blue Crush
05/07/2019    Not So Athletic  Bye    
Week 6  
05/14/2019 620pm Not Very Good Not So Athletic
05/14/2019 710pm Hooligans Blue Crush          
05/14/2019   Slow & Steady  Bye    
Week 7
05/21/2019 800pm Hooligans Slow & Steady

05/21/2019 850pm Not So Athletic Blue Crush

05/21/2019    Not Very Good Bye     
Week 8
05/28/2019 620pm Slow & Steady Not Very Good     
05/28/2019 710pm Hooligans Not So Athletic
05/28/2019     Blue Crush   Bye    
06/04/2019 800pm 1st Place
4th Place
06/04/2019 850pm
2nd Place

3rd Place
06/04/2019    5th Place  Bye    
Week 10 FINALS
06/11/2019  620pm
06/11/2019 710pm
Winner of 1st Game

Winner of 2nd Game

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