Youth Soccer

Thank you, players, coaches and parents!

We would like to thank all of the 5,906 players that played on 545 teams over our 4 sessions of youth indoor soccer during the 2018-2019 season. There were many close games, as well as a few blowouts, but at the end of the day, we hope that each and everyone one of you have enjoyed your time at the Rocklin Sports Complex, and we certainly hope to see you back in the fall. On-line team registration will open on Saturday, October 12th. Stay tuned for more information!

Rocklin & Roseville Youth Soccer Leagues

California Family Fitness offers plenty of ways for boys and girls of all ages to get involved in youth soccer and play in a league. We do our best to balance teams appropriately and ensure everyone gets as much playing time as possible. CalFit features both boys - and girls-only leagues ranging from u8 to u19 for recreational and competitive teams.

Sign up for youth soccer clubs in Rocklin & Roseville CA. Girls, boys soccer teams. Age groups from 8 to 18. Click to get schedule and registration info

League Session Information 2019 / 2020

Sessions $ Per Team (not including handling fee)
 # of Weeks
Registration Start Registration End
Session Start Session End
November 2019 TBA 5
10/12/19 (7am)
10/27/19 (10pm)
January 2020 TBA 6
12/7/19 (7am)
12/22/19 (10pm)
February 2020 TBA 6
1/25/18 (7am) 2/9/18 (10pm)
April 2020 TBA 6
3/14/19 (7am) 3/22/19 (10pm)

Age Matrix: 2019/2020 Season

Age Group
From (D.O.B)
To (D.O.B)
U8 2012 2013
U10 2010 2011
U12 2008 2009
U14 2006 2007
U19 2001

*It is at the Parent's/Coach's discretion when allowing players to play "up" in an older age group.

Youth Soccer Information

When registering a team, you will be asked the following:

- Team Name
- Age Group (for example, u9 team is considered a "1st year u10" team, while a pure u10 team is considered a "2nd year u10" team.
- Gender
- Skill level (rec., low comp, and high comp)
- Team Manger's Name and contact information
- Assistant Manager's Name and contact information
- Day(s) you team wants to be considered to play*

*Please note that girls usually play on Saturdays, while boys usually play on Sundays. The groups that will play in the weekday leagues will be decided based on the demand that registered teams are requesting. Weekday groups will not be determined until AFTER registration is closed. Teams will NOT be considered for any day(s) that they do not list while registering a team. Week day groups generally play games at 4pm, 445pm or 530pm.

Official Rules

Soccer Tie-Breaker System:
Once the regular season is complete, placing is determined with the following tie-breaking system:

  1. Points
  2. Head to Head results
  3. Goals against (G.A.) Head to Head
  4. Goals for (G.F.) Head to Head
  5. Goals against (G.A.) total
  6. Goals for (G.F.) total

*Seeding during the playoffs are based on results from the regular season only.


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